West four weeks ago doing pull ups like it’s easy.

What do our teachers do in their free time? Well, West, our second & third grade super star teacher is getting stronger. West had always loved climbing rocks but for the last 20 plus weeks she has been training for a natural bodybuilding competition. She started the day after her 31st birthday. West says she’s just been lifting, doing cardio and eating clean.

“I am down to from 21 to 8-9% body fat.” West states. She will compete this Saturday in the Carolina Supernatural Bodybuilding and Figure Championships¬† in Spartanburg, SC.

How does training compare to teaching second and third graders? “This is one of the hardest and most disciplined things I have ever done! I’m looking forward to it being over.”¬† But West will be back teaching third grade next year and probably eating victory cake this Sunday. We’re proud of you, West!

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