The Human Animal in Winter Time

The Human Animal in Winter Time

In the depths of winter, as the school year wound its way back through January, our Kindergarteners learned of the bear’s hibernation, the geese’s migration, and the rabbit’s adaptation. How do we, as animals, respond to winter’s harsh demands? Do humans hibernate, migrate, or adapt? Depending on your community and career, you might do all three!

During winter some beekeepers migrate south with their hives. Although as humans we can’t achieve the hibernation status of a depressed metabolism, a lower body temperature, and a falling heart rate, we do experience similar tendencies to cozy up, stay inside, and feed off stored foods; in our case we store pickled vegetables and smoked meats, instead of fat in our bodies, but the principle remains the same. Finally, we adapt. We adapt by growing layers of fur in the form of coats and scarves and mittens are . We adapt by turning up the heat and eating steaming bowls of stew and soup. By understanding themselves as part of the animal world, our students grow up with a systems-thinking approach to environmental sustainability.

The other species of animals who live alongside us, are not just obstacles standing in the way of human civilization, nor are they just cute oxytocin-boosters meant to entertain and love us. Animals serve as reflections of our human experience here on planet Earth. Grounded in their bodies and in their purpose of survival, animals can teach of us of the simplicity of the present moment. What are the basics of our lives? How wholesome do we feel in the simple routines of eating, sleeping, moving our bodies, and gathering in families?

In the pictures above, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher, Doreen, dramatically hides the Mama bear in her cave, where she’ll stay hibernating until spring flowers open in late March.

Science Fair 2017

Science Fair 2017

Join us on Friday, February 10th, to delve into the scientific explorations created by our ever-curious students. Every year Rainbow students spend the winter months preparing for the Annual Science Fair in February. They make hypothesis, design surveys, research technologies, analyse data, and draw their scientific conclusions. Topics range from local to global, technical to theoretical. Bring your family and friends along for this incredible day of scientific inquiry!

Please check the schedule below to know when each grade is presenting their projects. Most grades present more than once. Each grade will be hosting their guests in their own classrooms. If you have any questions, Kate at the front desk in the main office can help guide you to the correct classroom. We hope to see you there!
9:30-10:00 Grades: 2, Omega A, Omega B

10:20-10:50 Grades: 5, 6, 4, 3, 2

10:50-11:20 Grades: 3, 4, 5

11:20 -11:50 Grades: 6, Omega A, Omega B

1:00-1:30 Grades: 1, 4, 5

1:30-2:00 Grade: 3

2:00-2:30 Grade: Omega A / B

Elementary and Middle School Open House 2-15-2017

Elementary and Middle School Open House 2-15-2017

Asheville, North Carolina, Rainbow Community School (RCS) will hold an Open House on Wednesday, February 15 from 4-6 pm. The open house is free and open to the public and will feature the elementary and middle school programs at RCS. This event will provide an excellent chance for anyone considering enrolling in the 2017-218 school year to find out if RCS is the right fit for you and your family.

“This event offers a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in exploring alternative approaches to education. RCS has, for over 40 years. mastered the art of holistic education. However, the true magic of RCS’s holistic educational approach cannot be described but rather experienced first hand,” said West Willmore, Curriculum Director at RCS. “Please come check us out!”

During your visit, classrooms will be open for viewing, many staff and faculty members will be available to help answer questions. You will also meet other community members, tour our unique 5-acre urban campus, and explore various student artifacts.

For more information please contact the Admissions Director, Sheila Mraz at

SHINE! The Annual Talent Show

SHINE! The Annual Talent Show

Rainbow’s annual SHINE! Talent Show is coming up, on Thursday, Feb 23rd from 5-8pm! Children of all ages can give a three minute performance to show off their talents to our Rainbow Community. This is always a super fun and special event where we get to watch our creative kids shine!

Timing and Dinner Details:
Starting 5pm, pizza (regular and gluten free) will be available to purchase for $3/slice in the 6th grade class room. There will be salads available donated by parent council. The show will start in the auditorium, at 60 State Street, promptly at 5:30pm with a 30min intermission starting at 6:30pm. Pizza will also be served during intermission.

How to Sign Your Child Up to Perform:
We have approximately 30 time slots available for performances. 5:30-6pm will initially be reserved for the younger children in Pre-K and K. Contact Kate Chassner at to sign up your child and for more information.