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Renee Owen has directed Rainbow Community School since July of 2007. Renee received her Masters Degree in educational leadership at the University of Colorado. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Michigan. She also holds an Executive Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University and a Waldorf Foundations Certificate from Antioch/Center for Anthroposophy. Currently, she is currently pursuing her EdD at Columbia University Teacher’s College. Her quest for research and educational theory is being applied in her dynamic practice at Rainbow Community School.

Renee Owen, Executive Director

Opening the Heart

Opening the Heart – Reflection and Centering At a recent admin meeting, Cynthia shared a centering designed to bring awareness to, and open the heart. Renee asked her to share it on the Director's Blog for others to enjoy, as well. Point to yourself Take a moment to...

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Arming Teachers Is Not the Answer

A few years ago, I wrote a piece for the Mountain Express. It was after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I explore that why we as educators cannot resort to arming ourselves, but instead, embrace a hope for the future without arms. The article shows how this is still relevant...

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Education in the Postmodern Era

From a historical perspective, transitions from one era to the next seem like they happened overnight. But in reality, each transition took lifetimes, and the people who lived through those transitions didn’t fully understand what was happening.

It is becoming clear that we are currently living in such a time of transition. The Modern Era is behind us, and a new era—the Postmodern Era—is ahead. What are the values and skills our students will need to thrive in the Postmodern Era?

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