Kendra Sales

Kendra is a lifelong learner and enjoys reading and expanding on her skill sets. She is interested in additional training to increase her knowledge foundation. She was drawn to Rainbow’s holistic education model and focus on the whole child {through the seven domains}. She also loves Rainbow’s philosophy of not only connecting to the self, but also connecting to the community, nature, and the spiritual world.


Kendra earned her BS in Applied Sociology and MS in Recreational Therapy from East Carolina University. She is a certified Lead Teacher by the state of NC. Kendra has worked with children in a variety of settings including recreation and education. For many years Kendra was the director of after school and summer camp programs with Raleigh and Parks Recreation. Over time, Kendra’s career led her to early childhood education. She spent time as a Teacher Assistant at a Montessori school and fell in love with the philosophy and pedagogy. Most recently, she was a lead Early Head Start teacher. Providing education to at-risk families allowed Kendra to provide for our community in ways that were both challenging and rewarding.


In her free time, Kendra enjoys hiking with her husband and dogs. She also enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time outside.                                  

You can reach her at: