Come visit our campus and see what gives us the courage to be distinctive!





Private Tour RSVP

Filling out the form below only means you’re showing interest in setting up a private tour. We’ll never give your info away. Your completed form is sent to Sheila who will then contact you by phone or email to confirm your tour.

Dear Parents, We warmly invite your family to be a part of our community for a short while with a free private tour. These tours allow parents like you to really experience the amazing learning environment we’ve cultured here for over 35 years.

You’ll meet our teachers and hear directly from them about our holistic, integrated curriculum.

Within the classrooms you can glimpse student artwork, look through portfolios, read journal entries, and see the end results of thematic based units. Children are also very welcome to join on this adventure. In fact, we encourage it! They’ll enjoy hands-on activities and also gain a better feel for our caring environment.

Our website, as detailed as it may be, can only showcase our school to a degree. Visiting in person gives your family a sense of what it’s like being part of our community first hand, before making the decision to enroll.

We hope to have space for everyone who enrolls, but classroom size is limited. We encourage all of our potential families to request a private tour first to know for sure that RCS is the best school for your children.

We interviewed one of our recent RCS graduates as to what makes Rainbow special.