Sheila Mraz – Admissions Director

Educational Background

Sheila received her BA in education from the University of Dayton, a Catholic university in Ohio. It was there that the blend of spirituality in education took hold and paved the path for her future. Sheila continued to teach for 9 years in both public and private schools in North Carolina.

Finding Rainbow

It wasn’t until she married Max Mraz and started a family that she decided to find something different in education.  “I could continue to teach as a career, but I wanted something more for my children.” This quest led her to Rainbow Community School in 2009.  “It was the holistic approach to education that made this decision so perfect.”

She taught 2nd and 3rd grades for three years and was able to see the difference in this style of education first-hand in her students as well as her own children. “I feel incredibly blessed to call Rainbow Community School my second home and want to spread the word about this style of education to the world.”


When Sheila is not on the top of a mountain shouting her love for RCS, she can be found with her husband, Max (facilities manager) and sons, Noah and Larkin.

You can reach her at: