Rainbow Community School is a private, independent school serving about 42 preschoolers and about 150 students from kindergarten through eighth grade in Asheville, North Carolina. For more than 35 years, we have been a national leader in alternative, holistic and mindful education. Learn more about us.

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The Annual Rainbow Science Fair

Science Investigations Yield So Many Answers! Did you ever go to a symposium at a convention center as a kid? Like a space symposium? Because that’s what the science fair was like. All the classrooms transformed into exposition sites, complete with beautiful posters, and display boards of colorful, imaginative, and […]

personal interest projects

PIP Presentations

It’s that time of year again: time to do the awesomely awesome Omega PIP presentations! Each student in the Omega classroom did a research project on something that was of interest to them – hence the name, Personal Interest Project, or PIP. And what a variety of interests, indeed! Projects […]

petting the black rat snake

First Grade Makes Africa Connection

Studying Africa Our first grade Cheetahs are on an adventure! They’re studying the continent of Africa, its people and cultures. They also have some awesome hands-on experiences that are part of their learning. First, Sara Stender, our Campaign Manager is headed for Rwanda. In addition to being a part of […]

Hobey Ford in one of his performances

Puppeteer Hobey Ford Presents Animalia

Hobey Ford at Rainbow Community School Fantastical characters and sound effects. Incredible stories, puppets and sound effects. All this and more if you come see Hobey Ford! It’s Saturday, February 28 at 3:30 pm. We’ll start with a sing-a-long with Sue Ford. Doors open at 3. There will be a […]

Rainbow Community School Staff

RCS Staff Heads to Burton Street Community Center

As you know, Wednesdays are early-release days at Rainbow. This is because staff can use these days to update their professional development and participate in trainings that enhances their classroom teaching. Rainbow teachers and staff headed over to Burton Street Community Center (BSCC) to find out about their offerings, and […]

how things work

Chain Reactions – Third Grade Science Unit

Just before our winter break, the third grade class completed a unit on how things work. They investigated what might make a machine do what it does. At the end of their unit, they invited the whole school to watch as different groups of students made their wonderful contraptions come […]

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