What Sets Us Apart

A blended approach focused on the whole child

A holistic approach

We use a blended approach to education and combine that with positive discipline, compassionate communication, the Seven Domains, and so much more.

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A whole-Child Approach

Traditional educational models rely heavily on standardized testing and rote memorization, often dampening children’s natural love for learning.

Our child-centered curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity through experiential thematic units of study.

We use assessment rubrics and goal setting to encourage children to reflect on and take responsibility for shaping their own educational journey.

Accomplished. Confident. Creative.

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A Blended Approach

Find out about how we integrate different teaching methods and practices into our curriculum.

Gifted Education

We find out what each child’s gifts are and integrate this knowledge into the curriculum. Click to find out more.

Daily Centering

Spirituality is the thread that ties us all together. It is the practice of mindfulness experienced in deep breaths, kind words and thoughtful actions.

Rainbow uses a blended approach in reaching every child. Teachers discover students’ gifts and integrate that into their teaching.

Students then learn to be leaders who display compassion and empathy for others.

Positive Discipline

In the classroom and throughout the school, we employ the principles of Positive Discipline developed by Jane Nelson, Ed.D.

Compassionate Communication

As a community, we believe that healthy communication and conflict resolution are integral for a thriving community.

Love In Action

Our Love in Action Program aims to provide various services to members of our community. From food to supplies, we want to ensure equity of resources for everyone.

The holistic model of Rainbow means that students who graduate excel not only at academics, but in many other areas, as well.

Their well-rounded education enables them to innovate and tackle challenges in novel ways.

Community Celebrations and Rituals

Community celebrations and rituals are a big part of our school culture. Click to find out more.

Curriculum Overview

See our expected outcomes for each grade level.

The Seven Domains

Every teacher and staff member creates lessons with the Seven Domains as a starting point. Click to find out more.

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The best way to experience Rainbow Community School is first-hand. We encourage you to make an appointment to tour our campus and discover the magic of learning.



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