Rainbow Community School

The Future of Education and The Future of Rainbow
By artist Caryn Hanna

Before school starts each year, educators at Rainbow attend a series of trainings to enhance their teaching careers and to help them prepare for a new academic year.

In one of those sessions, teachers brainstormed about the future of education in general and about the future of Rainbow Community School. Artist Caryn Hanna visually interpreted and recorded their ideas onto a beautiful banner.

Teachers noted that seeing their thoughts “visualized” effectively helped them to form a solid vision for the future.

Before meeting, the staff at Rainbow read Renee’s article about Educating the Innovation Generation.

In Renee’s words,

The mission statement at Rainbow Community School ends saying that we are developing students who will be “leaders in building a more compassionate and environmentally sustainable world.”

Anyone enrolling their child at this unique school must resonate with the urgency of this goal.

One would have to have blinders on to ignore the stream of evidence and quotes from leading scientists, sociologists and experts in almost every field who declare that sustainability is the most important vision for human survival.

From Tony Wagner, “The solution to our economic and social challenges is the same: creating a viable and sustainable economy that creates good jobs without polluting the planet. And there is general agreement as to what that new economy must be based on. One word: innovation.”

Indeed, the mission and vision of Rainbow embraces our new generation of young people to propel them into a world where they are prepared to not only think out of the box, but to dare to reinvent the concept of the box itself. We understand that giving students the tools to be creative thinkers and problem solvers today will help them become leaders who will create a sustainable tomorrow.



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