We Are Making Progress!


We are heading towards our goal of acquiring the church property. We still need help, though.


Take a Tour

We want our community informed. Staff, students, families, and the greater Asheville community deserve to know exactly what Rainbow Community School aims to do: expand the school to increase the good work we do.

We invite you to take a tour. Many in our community have. If you haven’t, our Director, Renee, has been leading tours these past few weeks. There were tours yesterday and today. If you have missed this opportunity, we invite you to call the school to see why we want to expand our school, what our vision is, and how we plan to get there.


Mark Your Calendars!

What: Rainbow Rising! ~ A West Asheville Community Celebration

When: Saturday, December 7th

Time: 3:30-6:30pm

Place: Rainbow Community School – Over at the church property

Details: This is a family event. Adult activities and a fundraiser will be at the church property. This fundraiser will go toward our down payment to acquire this new property. Activities for children as well as childcare will be on the current RCS campus.

You need to RSVP for the free childcare by December 4thDrop-ins will be $25/child.

RSVP: info@rainbowlearning.org


Come one, come all! We will have our fundraiser over at the church property to help us meet our goal.
Childcare will be at the current RCS campus.

Capital Campaign Update

We are making headway toward our goal!

As of yesterday, we have over $115,000 in donations, pledges and verbal pledges.

But we can’t let our guard down, yet. We still have a ways to go.

We still need to reach our down payment goal of $200,000.

After this, we will still need to make changes to the property to adapt it for the needs of our Rainbow Community. Those costs and repairs are $400,000.

This means we are counting on you to help us reach our goals.

(Note: The Capital Campaign is different from our Annual Campaign. The Capital Campaign is to help us acquire the Church – think The Three C’s. The Annual Campaign helps teachers have supply monies for their classrooms, helps the school fund scholarships, gifts and much more.)


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