What a special day it was for our preschoolers!

RCS held their graduation over at the sanctuary on the new property.

Before walking over, both preschool classes held a centering for one last time:

preschool centering

Centering at the Blue Door Preschool.

Once students finished, they made their way to the sanctuary.

preschool graduation

Waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin.

Preschoolers began the ceremony by singing their “Hola, Hola” song in Spanish. They sang two other songs, including one in honor of Judith, who is retiring at the end of this school year. Preschool teachers then called up all the students to receive their certificates.

preschool graduation

Preschoolers finishing their songs and awaiting their certificates.

It’s such a milestone to graduate!

preschool graduation

Now everyone has their certificates! Are they happy or what?

After the ceremony, families gathered for food and sharing. They began with a blessing:

Preschool graduation

A blessing before the picnic.

Everyone lined up and the food was yummy! The day turned out beautiful and bright.

preschool graduation

Lining up for the picnic.

It’s so fun to have all our families on campus. They help to make RCS the wonderful place that it is!

preschool graduation

Wonderful families at RCS!

We have students who value trust, honesty and love.

preschool graduation

Our families are awesome!

preschool graduation

Congratulations, graduates!

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