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Nick Romanos, Rainbow alum

My Rainbow Experience:

Nick came to the Omega program after having completed public elementary school in 2000. During his tenure at Rainbow, he formed lifelong friendships and learned skills that have continued to serve him as he’s progressed in his education and into his adult life.

The best example of this would be the experiential learning that was reenforced with projects and ensuing presentations that he learned at Rainbow.

The school gives students enough space to cultivate creativity with enough personal attention to each student to ensure each one’s musings and explorations are not without focus.

Now, in business, he is constantly having to research all his clients’ industries and present possible solutions to communicate and grow their brand.

Education After Rainbow

Like quite a few Rainbow alumni, Nick finished his K-12 education at Asheville High School.

There he developed an interest in design in their graphic communications program. Along with fellow Rainbow alum, Sam Brubaker, he applied for and was accepted into the NC State University College of Design and begin there in 2007.

What Nick is Doing Now

After graduating, Nick accepted his first career job position at Robin Easter Design doing graphic and web design in Knoxville, TN.

He and his partner Tiana moved to Raleigh, NC after three years to be closer to family, where they knew their hearts belonged.

He had already been networking with Laurel Scherer of Asheville Web Fix. As it turns out, she wanted a web designer. Laurel, Nick, as well as project manager, Jim McClure, transformed the organization into what is now Status Forward – a full-service graphic and web design company. They do everything from websites to broader branding efforts.

Nick has been able to do this work from Raleigh and frequents Asheville for business development meetings. In addition, the company continues to move forward: they are constantly challenged by new subject matter as well as having many clients with diverse needs.

Still Connected to Rainbow

Lastly, Nick was in awe of the nostalgia and good feelings that came from meeting his former science/math and fitness mentor at Rainbow, Mark Hanf. He was in downtown Asheville after having worked a day on-site.

Mark brought him up to speed on his teaching geometry through structure building and hands-on learning. Nick remembers the incredibly talented instructors that he learned from at Rainbow.

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