Classroom Teachers

Lucy MacGregor

Preschool Co-Teacher – Blue Door

Shelley Steffey

Preschool Co-Teacher – Green Door

Amanda Campisi

Preschool Co-Teacher – Green Door

Phoebe Starck

Preschool Support Assistant

Lauren Levine

Preschool Co-Teacher – Blue Door

Marisa Capalbo

Preschool Afterschool Lead Teacher

Carol Mathieson

Preschool Afterschool Assistant

Rachel Hagen

First Grade Teacher

Jessica Redford

Kindergarten Teacher

Josie Hoban

First Grade Assistant Teacher

Stephanie Nixon

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Eddy Webb

Second Grade Teacher

Tarinii Isner

Second Grade Assistant Teacher

Melissa Scott

Third Grade Teacher

Kendra Sales

Third Grade Assistant Teacher

Molly Williams

Fourth Grade Teacher

Sarah Callahan

Fourth Grade Assistant Teacher

Emmaly Rogalski

Fifth Grade Teacher

April Dorion

Fifth Grade Assistant Teacher

Tia Searles

5th Grade Intern

Jennifer Armocida

6th Grade Teacher

Justin Pilla

Creative Coordinator & 6th Gr. Assistant Teacher

Susan Waddell

7/8 Language Arts and Math Teacher

Jason Pilla Cannoncro

7/8 Science and History Teacher

Mark Hanf

7/8 Assistant & Electives Teacher

Niki Gilbert

7/8 Science & Math Teacher

Kate Folkman

7/8 Assistant & Electives Teacher

RCS after school will be closing at 5 pm on Tuesday, 12/11/18. Dismiss