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Rainbow Community School is always interested in meeting qualified professionals who would like to join our community.

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Why Choose Us

Loving Community

One of the first things you’ll notice about working here is how close-knit and loving our community really is.

Incredible Talent

Rainbow believes in hiring faculty and staff that shine in their field. Most teachers hold a master’s degree.

40 Years and Counting

Our school has been open since 1978. We have a rich history of providing holistic education.

Learning & Collaboration

At Rainbow, you have the freedom to explore lessons in-depth. We provide ample opportunities for collaboration and continued learning.

Whole Child Teaching

We teach to the Seven Domains and believe in giving students the freedom to be who they are while we meet them where they are.

The Heart of West Asheville

Our school is located in the beautiful community of West Asheville, with plenty of cultural and creative venues.

Current Openings

4th Grade Lead Teacher Position

Is teaching your passion? Do you want to work at a school where teachers are leaders, innovators, and a part of a loving community? Do you believe that education should be about the whole child? Apply to work as the next fourth grade lead teacher at Rainbow Community School if you have the following credentials, experience, and traits:

1. A master’s degree (preferably, but not required) in education
2. Lead teaching experience at the elementary or middle school level
3. Dynamic and compassionate communication skills with adults
4. Creative curriculum designing abilities
5. Masterful classroom management
6. A dedication to working hard for what you believe in

Rainbow Community School is an equal opportunity employer who seeks a diverse staff to equitably serve children of diverse income levels, races, ethnicities, abilities, gender identifications, and religions. Revolutionaries are encouraged to apply.

The Application and Selection Process:
Follow directions carefully:

IF you are saying “Yes! I have all those credentials, experiences, and traits and it would be a dream to work at Rainbow Community School!” please send a cover letter and resume to employment@rainbowlearning.org. Please also send any scanned copies you have of letters of recommendation. You are welcome to send any other attachments you wish, such as photos of you, portfolios, essays, and so on.

Next steps:

Wait for us to email or call you back to see if you are a finalist. If you don’t hear from us within 30 days, you most likely have not been selected as a finalist. Finalists will be asked to come on site for an interview and a teaching demonstration. If you are overseas, we will find an alternative.)

Approximate Salary range for a teacher with an MA: $45,000 – $47,000, with planned raises annually. Plus, each teacher is given a $3,900 cash stipend in lieu of a health care package. After one year employment a retirement benefit begins. Tuition discounts are 80% for first child, 50% for second.

Rainbow Community School is a nonprofit institution that does not discriminate in admissions or hiring practices. We welcome students and staff of any race, creed, ethnic origin, or lifestyle.

Substitute Teachers

We are always looking for qualified substitute teachers.

We are also always looking for qualified Preschool substitute teachers, too!

Preference will be given to applicants who have a four year degree and plenty of experience in the classroom. The ideal applicant can commit to substitute teaching for the year (or years) and is available with short notice.

To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to: info@rainbowlearning.org.

Don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself, why you want to teach, what grades you prefer working with and any special skills you may have.




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