MTM 2018 Graphic Facilitator

Graphic Facilitation by Caryn Hanna

Caryn Hanna

Caryn Hanna will be graphically facilitating many of our workshops. She offers a colorful and creative way of capturing the workshop content and group wisdom that emerges from the rich discussions.

With a history of “loving meetings” for their collaborative and learning-rich content and a passion for identifying “teachable moments” in myriad situations, Caryn is enlivened by engaging with people and purpose through her practice of graphic facilitation.  

In addition to using reflective graphics to capture group conversation in real-time, Caryn prepares visuals for professionals to use to demonstrate talking points for their group presentations.

She is passionate about contributing to the growth of social movements within her local community particularly in the realms of social justice, food and farming, and education.

Caryn works as an independent contractor hired by an event coordinator, as partner to a group facilitator, or as a member of a facilitation team. She works with local and national corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Caryn’s creative adventure extends beyond the boardroom to the wild playground of the rivers and forests in the mountains of Asheville.