The mission of Rainbow Institute (RI) is to inspire a holistic education movement through transformative learning experiences, resources and research. This adult education arm of Rainbow Community School serves as a nexus between research, education and practice by supporting individuals and institutions as they discover the critical role that holistic practices play in child development.

Be Whole

BE WHOLE: Holism is the understanding that life is an interaction of wholes, rather than a collection of  individual parts. Holistic Education follows this same premise, subscribing to the philosophy that learning is a comprehensive integration not only of traditional academic subjects, but of the many facets that comprise a human being. Click here to learn about RCS’s model.


Find Purpose

“What are you called to do?” This question lies at the heart of all our work at RI. Purpose is a calling- something that a greater force is trying to bring into being. Purpose is born out of a strong spiritual identity. Click here to learn more our our secular spiritual pedagogy.


Make Change

RI aims to build well-being and a more fulfilling society through developing humans’ full holistic capacities. A holistic education embraces  real life and transformative learning experiences. Meaningful learning opportunities yield inspired and empowered learners called Changemakers.  Click here to learn about the Changemaker network.

RI aims to build the well being of individuals and institutions by offering support in transformative learning experiences and holistic resources.Through these holistic resources, we seek to inspire shifts in school culture, systems, structures and programming that meet the developmental needs of the WHOLE child. Additionally, the RI research core also provides a formal framework for ongoing improvement of the programs and resources offered. We strive to see our work enhance organizational management and teacher preparation, support, and programming while informing educational policy, Our work is built on the 40 years of holistic education at Rainbow Community School.

Rainbow Community School brings the Rainbow Seven Domains model directly to a diverse student body. This model yields learning experiences that nurture the development in all seven domains of learning: physical, natural, social, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual. This approach values healthy development in all the domains and considers the spiritual domain the elixir that breathes life into the other developmental domains.The goal of this secular spiritual education is to awaken the individual to his true nature, pave the way for transformative learning and  illuminate his purpose in life.

Above all, RI aims to help individuals, educators and institutions nurture the spiritual identities of all community members by inviting the “sacred” into the classrooms and culture. If you are intrigued, please consider coming to our annual More than Mindfulness Conference. 


Professional Development Opportunities

RI offers: 

Curriculum and instructional materials that can be disseminated and embedded into diverse educational systems. 

Continuing education through workshops, seminars, teacher/adult training programs and consulting services. Please click here for a list of RI offerings.

A research framework for the analysis, evaluation and improvement of the holistic practices used at RCS. Click here to learn more about Lectica assessments, a holistic tool that measures complexity of cognitive development.


Learn More

Our RI facilitators can support you or your organization develop and implement holistic systems, structures and programming that embrace the health and well-being of your students, teachers, and community members. These holistic educational practices serve the developmental needs of the whole child by nurturing the social, emotional and spiritual learning domains while in harmony with the child’s cognitive development. If you are interested in getting trained please email RI’s co-founder West Willmore at

You can also see first hand how Rainbow Community School implements a secular spiritual pedagogy into its school and programming by attending our annual More Than Mindfulness Conference. Please click here for more information.

Curious about the books that inspire our work? Click here to view Rainbow’s recommended reading list.


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