Rainbow Institute

Rainbow Institute: Building Well-Being Through Holistic Education 

The mission of Rainbow Institute (RI) is to inspire a holistic education movement through transformative learning experiences, resources and research. This arm of Rainbow Community School serves as a nexus between research, adult education and practice by supporting individuals, educators and institutions as they discover the critical role that holistic practices play in child development.

There is a disconnect between the learning needs of children and educational policy, organizational management, teacher preparation, support, and programming. RI seeks to challenge the educational status quo by inspiring a paradigm shift in which school culture, systems, structures, and programming meet the developmental needs of the WHOLE child – a shift that emphasizes child well-being by nurturing the social/emotional and spiritual domains in harmony with the child’s cognitive development.

Forty years of holistic educational programming has yielded the effective model known as the Rainbow Seven Domains approach. By approaching education through this model, the teacher helps each student to develop in seven domains: physical, natural, social, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual. Of the seven domains, spiritual identity development is probably the most overlooked aspect of human development in our national school systems. 

The goal of a secular spiritual education is to awaken the student to his true nature and thereby illuminate his purpose in life and meaning of existence. We want to help individuals, educators and institutions insert the spiritual into the school experience in order to nurture a true transformative educational experience.  

RI offers:

♥ Curriculum and instructional materials that can be disseminated and embedded into diverse educational systems.

♥ Continuing education through workshops, seminars, teacher/adult training programs and consulting services. Click here to learn more about our services.

♥ A research framework for the analysis, evaluation and improvement of the holistic practices used at RCS. Click here to learn more about Lectica assessments, a holistic tool that measures complexity of cognitive development.

Be Whole

Learn to BE WHOLE through the work of RI. Holism is the understanding that life is an interaction of wholes, rather than a collection of  individual parts. Holistic Education follows this same premise, subscribing to the philosophy that learning is a comprehensive integration not only of traditional academic subjects, but of the many facets that comprise a human being. Click here to learn more about the Rainbow Seven Domains model.


Find Purpose

“What are you called to do?” This question lies at the heart of all our work at RI. Purpose is a calling- something that a greater force is trying to bring into being. Purpose is born out of a strong spiritual identity and  “we are hardwired for a spiritual connection” (Miller, 2015). Yet, spiritual development is probably the most overlooked aspect of human development in our school systems. The work of RI helps teachers and students FIND PURPOSE. Click here to learn more our our secular spiritual pedagogy.


Make Change

RI aims to build well-being and a more fulfilling society through developing humans’ full holistic capacities. A holistic education embraces authentic, real life learning experiences that nurtures agency by giving students and teachers the power over their own potential. Meaningful learning opportunities not only leave people feeling inspired but empower them to make a difference in the lives of others. We call these learners Changemakers.  Click here to learn about the Changemaker network.

Get Trained

At RI we are futurists, activists and educators aimed at inspiring a holistic education movement through transformative learning experiences, resources and research.


Learn More

Our RI facilitators can support you or your organization develop and implement holistic systems, structures and programming that embrace the health and well-being of your students, teachers, and community members. These holistic educational practices serve the developmental needs of the whole child by nurturing the social, emotional and spiritual learning domains while in harmony with the child’s cognitive development.

We offer continuing education through seminars and workshops, teacher training and support and holistic curriculum resources and instructional materials. If you are interested in getting trained please email RI’s co-founder West Willmore at west.willmore@rainbowlearning.org.

You can also see first hand how Rainbow Community School implements a secular spiritual pedagogy into its school and programming by attending our annual More Than Mindfulness Conference. Please click here for more information.