Habitat garden

The Garden by the Orr Mansion

We have exciting news!

Rainbow Community School is now a certified wildlife habitat site, recognized by the National Wildlife Federation.

RCS created a garden space that helped improve habitat needs for wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and frogs. Now, these animals will have an easier time finding food, shelter and water.

This is great because it is part of Rainbow’s mission to help students be responsible earth citizens. We have become a greener campus with this award by helping to create an inviting, eco-friendly place for wildlife.

With this award, we will have a subscription to National Wildlife Magazine that will help us to maintain our habitat year-round.

RCS also joins over 150,000 other certified habitat areas across the nation.

Thank you to our third grade teacher West Willmore for helping us achieve this award!

Certified Wildlife Habitat

Our Certified Wildlife Habitat Award

NWF’s Wildlife Habitat Program

This program certifies schools, businesses, churches, and even homeowners who want to make their lands and resources more wildlife-friendly. The idea is that people create healthy and sustainable eco-systems that will allow wildlife to survive and thrive.

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