Our student council voted earlier in the year to do a field day at the end of the year.

They’re making great strides at making a difference in their community.

We began with a welcome ceremony at 10:30 in the morning. Students lined up according to their color.

Students listened as we talked about rules, safety and good sportsmanship.

Students in each class were divided by names, letters and their rainbow colors.

Each class marched to a station where they waited to hear a horn. Once they heard the signal, they began their activities.

Once they completed going to all the different stations, they met back on the playground for watermelon.

Everyone had a chance to spit seeds and talk with each other while referees calculated the points for the winning team.

And wouldn’t you know, everyone was a winner!

Enjoy the slideshow of the day.

[portfolio_slideshow id=4346]

Photo credits: Cynthia Calhoun

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