Professional, Spiritual and Personal Development

One of the most special things about Rainbow is how students and staff alike have opportunities to grow. Each person grows personally, professionally and spiritually.

Before school starts in August each year, all staff come back together after summer break – many of whom will have engaged in professional development on their own – for a week of training.

As part of that training, the staff goes on a required retreat.

It’s not just any kind of retreat.

The time the staff spends together is designed to help teachers understand the practice of teaching on a higher level, understand how to work with each other better, build relationships, and engage in relevant, innovative training so that ultimately, this translates to working in the classroom with Rainbow Community School’s students.

Mountain Light Sanctuary

This year for the August retreat, teachers went to Mountain Light Sanctuary.

For two days they engaged in activities that nourished their spirits, and allowed them to participate in workshops that they could immediately use in the classroom.


Pictured below is one such workshop.

The school’s Director, Renee Owen, led a Temperaments training.

This was designed so that staff could understand more about their own temperament, but also how to identify the temperaments of their students.

This allows for better communication and understanding between students, teachers, and the greater Community.

Photo credit: Michael Lightweaver

Photo credit: Michael Lightweaver, Mountain Light Sanctuary

At the end of the training, after many discussions, de-briefings and having learned a lot of beneficial information for the classroom, the staff gathered for one final photo.

They held one last Centering and blessing before they dispersed.

End of staff retreat Photo credit: Michael Lightweaver, Mountain Light Sanctuary

End of staff retreat
Photo credit: Michael Lightweaver, Mountain Light Sanctuary


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