Today we had our Day of the Dead Celebration, led by the 4th grade.

We met at the outdoor stage where the 4th grade shared about the History of Day of the Dead. It is a day rooted in Aztec and Catholic tradition, that celebrates and honors people’s ancestors.

4th grade Day of the Dead - starting the celebration

4th grade Day of the Dead – starting the celebration

Each student had a role. Some shared statements about how people in Mexico celebrate the occasion.

4th grade

They talked about how families decorate altars to remember their loved ones who have passed on. Students brought photos and other artifacts they made to remember their loved ones.

4th grade

Students danced and recited lines in Spanish. They talked about how families celebrate and go to the graves of their loved ones to clean them up and decorate them with flowers. They bring candles and hold a vigil there over the days of October 31-November 2nd.

4th grade and altar

Their Spanish teacher, Lisa, helped with all the preparations for the celebration. She dressed up and decorated her face like a “calavera” – a skull.

4th grade

Some students really dressed up!

4th grade

We also ordered Pan de muertos, or “Day of the Dead bread” from a local bakery in town. It’s so delicious! It has a hint of orange and made as real bread, then topped with sugar. The bread is in the shape of bones or flowers, in honor of the day.

pan de muertos

After the celebration was over, we concluded with a Song Circle, led by music teacher, Sue Ford:

Day of the Dead

It was a great celebration!

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