You know our music teacher, Sue Ford, right?

But did you know that all three of her daughters attended Rainbow at one time? Or that they’re making names for themselves in big ways?

Sallie Ford

Sallie Ford, April, 2014Sue’s daughter Sallie, all of 27, is not only “googleable” but, she’s even in Wikipedia!

Her musical talents are getting noticed in New York and beyond.

She’s rocking out with her all-female band. With her distinctive style, she marches out with a raw-soul sound in her music. She lives in Portland when she’s not touring.

Have a listen to this:

Lauren Ford

Sue’s daughter, Lauren Ford, is living in New York City and loves it!sue ford

She went there to pursue her dream of acting and was trained at Emerson College in Boston. She graduated in 2005 with honors and won the Carol Burnett award – the highest award offered to any student graduating in performing arts.

She’d already made waves before that: while still living in Asheville, she won the “Best Actor” award from ACT when she was just 13 for her portrayal of Anne Frank.

She moved to NYC in 2007 and worked off broadway, in touring companies and in regional theater.

As you can imagine, it’s really tough to make it in New York and she keeps herself very busy working multiple jobs including coat check girl with a fancy Manhattan restaurant, leading sake and whisky tastings, babysitting, working with flowers and plants and working for a catering company.

Those are her day jobs while her dream becomes reality.

Lauren blogs about her experiences at

Louisa Ford

louisa fordLouisa Ford, 24, moved to Portland two years ago after graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a concentration in Sustainable Development.

She is living in Portland trying different jobs including waitressing, hostessing, working in a children’s museum, and teaching tap dance lessons.

She’s a musician too and she tap dances, plays guitar and sings all at the same time.

All three girls are singers and songwriters – hmm…we wonder where they got that from?

Sue Ford is extremely proud of her daughters. Every day she smiles at how proud they make her.

Something they all have in common is Rainbow.

And wouldn’t you know, Sue’s husband, Hobey Ford is coming to Rainbow for a puppeteer performance in the auditorium in February!

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