Science Investigations Yield So Many Answers!

Did you ever go to a symposium at a convention center as a kid? Like a space symposium?

Because that’s what the science fair was like. All the classrooms transformed into exposition sites, complete with beautiful posters, and display boards of colorful, imaginative, and quite advanced scientific experiments and investigations last week.

Students On Tour

Every class at Rainbow had a chance to visit other classrooms to see what other students did. In fact, each class played host, and each class visited all the other classrooms on campus and listened while other students presented their work.

Here you can see Omega visiting the fifth grade classroom. Not only were the fifth graders great presenters, but they also had the Omegans quite interested in what they were doing!

In fourth grade, many more fun and innovative projects characterized the classroom. Fourth graders presented to second grade. It’s simply amazing how well fourth grade presented and how attentive second grade was!

Wouldn’t you like to know more about “What does and does not conduct electricity?” Yeah, we were interested, too.

science fair electricity

All around, these projects were quite sophisticated and complex. Each student investigated what interested him or her. To be sure, they take the meaning, “citizen scientist” to a whole new level!

In the video below, we focus on two third grade presenters. Their projects show such in-depth research!

Another third grader looked at hovercraft and if the amount of air in them affected how they float:

science fair third grade

And really, does corn syrup actually make bubbles last longer? You’d think so, right?

science project thirdYou’ll have to ask the third grade to find out! How’s that for a cliffhanger?

Over in Omega, you could get a glimpse into how well you read emotions if you’re not looking at someone’s whole face to take in all the information:

science projects omega

And take a look at the Omega classroom itself. It looked like a veritable convention center of scientists and peers at work!

We have so many more fun photos to share! The photos below are courtesy of Sheila Mraz. She was all over campus snapping photos of all the exhibits and presentations.

And we have a resident photographer on campus! The following photos were taken by Ban, one of our Omega students!

You can really capture a glimpse of the breadth, scope and sophistication of these science projects. They’re a big deal around here.

Now, if you have any questions, just ask one of our citizen scientists!

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