It’s always a pleasure to see our students passionate for personal activities. Caleb Mcntosh​’s​ (sixth grade) and Lena Usher​’s​ (sixth grade) poetry was published in the Mountain Xpress newspaper in March. Rainbow Community School is very proud of you​!​ Below are the poems that were published by the Mountain Xpress​.​


I used to Be

I used to be squeaky, whiny, loud kid,

Now I am not,

I imagined rivers flowing, waves rolling,

I had a thick black hair, blue eyes,

I was a monkey,

Now I am not,

Now I have soft brown hair with bluish green eyes,

I used to be a little kid, now I am not.

-caleb Mcintosh, sixth grade-



Ode to Dance

Dance is like,

A spark, beginning,

Like small thing,

Creeping and growing,

Until you burst. You

Move and create,

And inspire,

Dragging me in,

And pushing me out,

I love the way you lift me

To the hidden world,

inside my heart.

Then you stop,

But with the promise of tomorrow.

-Lena Usner, sixth grade-



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