Rainbow community, won’t you join us for this fun 25-minute educational play designed to inspire green living and energy saving?!

Arrive at the auditorium in the Rainbow Community Center on Wednesday, January 25th, at 60 State Street, at 10am to grab a seat and enjoy the play starting at 10:15am.

Access educational materials and play fun games with your children either before the play or afterwards to help them integrate all they’ve learned. https://www.myenergykit.org/education/

You’ll also have a chance to order an energy kit filled with energy efficient materials for your home such as energy efficient light bulbs and a water conservation showerhead. As a community, how effective can we be in creating investment among our children to be more concsious of their energy use?

Play Synopsis:
Energy is being wasted everywhere you look, but Nikki Neutron and The Energized Guyz are here to help! The Conservation Caper is a theatrical program designed to engage elementary students in green living and saving energy. In this 25-minute educational play, Nikki takes on Dr. Maybe, a villain bent on wasting water and energy, and shows our students how we all can do our part to save energy.

In fact, The Conservation Caper has a goal to save 10 million kilowatt hours of energy during the 2016-17 school year. Will you join this mission?

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