About Rainbow Community School

Find out what sets our school apart
Rainbow Community School is proud to offer a private, independent and alternative educational program for preschool through middle school-aged children that draws from the best in current educational thinking and holistic models of child development. We are recognized nationally as a leader in contemplative and mindfulness education.

The Rainbow Seven Domains™: Our progressive program supports the development of the whole child in seven domains: spiritual, mental, creative, emotional, social, natural, and physical. We do this by engaging children’s native intelligences and exposing them to other intelligences through collaborative projects. To ensure learning is a lifelong process, we help children master essential learning skills that encourage self-directed exploration.

Traditional educational models rely heavily on standardized testing and rote memorization, often dampening children’s natural love for learning. Our child-centered curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity through experiential thematic units of study. We use assessment rubrics and goal setting to encourage children to reflect on and take responsibility for shaping their own educational journey.

Our Rainbow Learning Curriculum covers:

  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Art
  • Peace studies
  • Service learning and Citizenship
  • Technology and media literacy
  • Physical education
  • Character development
  • Environmental education
  • Global Initiatives
Primary and middle school students receive regular Spanish language, art, music and physical education enrichment with specialized instructors. Equally important, these creative forms of expression and learning are incorporated in the classroom with our project-based curriculum. This multifaceted approach engages children in the learning process and makes the journey fun and relevant.

We invite you to explore our program further by reviewing our mission and vision statements, our historical summary, grade-specific program overviews, special program features, teacher biographies and testimonials.

Of course, the best way to experience Rainbow Community School is first-hand. We encourage you to make an appointment to tour our campus and discover the magic of learning.

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Rainbow Community School is a 501c3 Non-Profit