Tickets for the Tourists Game!

Tickets for the Tourists Game!

The 6th Grade Gnomes are on a mission. A mission to sell 300 tickets to the Asheville Tourists vs Greensboro Grasshoppers game on April 30th! As a Rainbow community member you can buy a $9 ticket for family-fun time all while supporting the 6th graders efforts in expanding, stabilizing, and uplifting their annual social entrepreneurship project.

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More than Mindfulness Conference – October 12th

Thanks for your interest in the More Than Mindfulness Conference. Registration is now closed but save the date for October 6 and/or 7 2017.


Rainbow Community School has a 40-year history in contemplative and holistic education and has been recognized as a national leader in these areas. Our Seven Domains holistic approach leverages the tools of mindfulness while moving beyond them into the secular realm spirituality. The staff and faculty at RCS invite you to the inaugural More than Mindfulness (MTM) Conference which is a unique and dynamic event that will explore many ways of inviting the “soul” into your schools.

When: October 12, 2016

8:30-5:00 (Centering observations and reflection, break out sessions and workshops)

Cost: $35 for the full day. Participants receive a certificate of completion to be used towards professional development, a Seven Domains and Centering manual that includes informational materials and reproducibles. Breakfast and snacks will also be included and a food truck lunch will be available for purchase. Click here for the menu.

Intended Audience: Educators, parents, school administrators and mental health as well as other education related professionals.

About the Event: School based mindfulness programs are becoming increasingly more widespread in private and public schools throughout our country and research suggests that these programs bolster mental health and well being and have the capacity to improve academic achievement. At MTM we will highlight ways to integrate mindful practices into your school culture but will emphasize MORE than mindfulness by expanding these practices to include holistic and secular methods that nurture the personal and collective spiritual identities of your students, staff and community members.

Participants will engage in and reflect on RCS’s unique Centering curriculum and practice, gain holistic strategies to adapt your own curriculum and/or school culture, and collaborate through rich discussion about these important themes: inviting the soul in to the classroom, cultivating awareness and spiritual identities, exploring education as a sacred art. The conference will also feature break out sessions in which RCS presenters will bring topics of interest to parents, teachers, school administrators, and other education related professionals.

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Sponsor Opportunities: If you are interested in being a supporting organization at the 2016 More Than Mindfulness Conference, please contact West Willmore

For more information: Please contact West Willmore at or call  931 808 3722.



FLIPBOOK: Science and Design Fair 2016

FLIPBOOK: Science and Design Fair 2016

IMG_4057I love, love, love the design projects that you chose! You all “went big” – nobody played it safe and picked something easy. And here you go, making change in the world. This is why teenagers rule. – Niki GilbertIMG_4010

Science Fair-3876

Science Fair-3923The students’ innovative ideas to create change within the school and greater community were so inspiring! I can’t wait to see the continued impact they will make in the community! – Sandra McCassimScience Fair-3943

Science Fair-3957  I liked how each of the students had a voice. The process that was used required research, work and much thought. They taught us, the parents, and I loved it!  – Dianne CaldwellScience Fair-3963

Science Fair-3971Space editedThe creativity was amazing. It was so inspiring to see Omegans dive in and work hard! You all will be the change that we want to see in this world!! – Ali Banchiere Science Fair-3978

Science Fair-3982I was struck by the breadth of issues students had identified; from concerns within our Rainbow community, like bathroom beautification and parking lot safety, to global problems, like global warming, and many in between. – Tracy HildebrandScience Fair-3993

Science Fair-4019

Science Fair-4028In our work we are constantly having to come up with creative solutions to the challenges we face. After observing how the kids used the Design Process to facilitate out-of-the-box ideas, we plan to incorporate this structure into our brainstorming sessions at work. Way to go kiddos! Go out and change the world… it needs you! – Molly IraniScience Fair-4037

Science Fair-4041

Science Fair-4043I felt that due to the feedback the students collected throughout their process from classmates and parents, their inventions and ideas were realistic and useful. They were professional and proud in their presentations. – Jen LauzonScience Fair-4051

Science Fair-4054

IMG_4070I enjoyed learning a little more about each Omegan; what interests you, what moves you to act on your feelings, interests, and passions, and how you explain your process and share with others. I was inspired by your creativity and innovations. I am hopeful for our future with young people like you doing great things in the world. – Caryn HannaIMG_4082


Science Fair (1 of 1)Projects like yours do not always work out perfectly. Just like the Wright Brothers making designs, we work on some things, they fail, and we change them. I loved how you were clear and honest about both what did work and about things that didn’t work or might need to be changed. This shows that real learning – and inventing – was happening! – Chris WeaverScience Fair-1

Science Fair-3767Skills learned in the Design Fair will serve a for a lifetime. – Stewart StokesScience Fair-3782

Science Fair-3791

Science Fair-3795I loved how enthusiastic the kids were about their topics as well as how well they presented them. Having them think in this way is really critical as citizens of this planet! Thank you kids! – Jennifer Lazinsk Science Fair-3843

Science Fair-3852Several of the presentations gave examples of how each of us could change our daily behavior to improve our environment and here at home we have already changed several things. Others made me more aware of social issues that had not occurred to me and presented doable solutions. I have been to many adult presentations on various issues and the difference was unbelievable. The energy and enthusiasm as well as the wealth of information was inspiring. – Sherry HillScience Fair-3860

Science Fair-3866I was totally blown away by the composure, confidence and maturity displayed by the Omegans at the design fair… At each stop I felt engaged, informed and inspired.  It was very moving to see these young changemakers in action. I have no doubt these young people are on their way to being adults who move through life truly “walking the walk” not just talking the talk. – Rachel HagenScience Fair-3892

Science Fair-3902

Science Fair-3904I was so inspired and impressed to see the variety of conundrums being tackled in such innovative ways for the design projects. The sixth graders were also very impressed, and are already talking excitedly about what they’d like to do for their own design projects. – Jenny ArmocidaScience Fair-3907

Science Fair-3911I was impressed with the courage to confront big issues in practical ways. For instance, climate change is a scary proposition but seeing the kids ready and eager to find solutions in immediate practical ways was inspiring.  Equally so with issues of gender and animal safety and on down the list.  – Billy GoodrumScience Fair-3922

Science Fair-4044I could hear murmurings from guests as they left the room saying it is people like these students that will better our world. I felt inspired. I felt proud.  I felt humbled. – Susan Waddel

EVENT: Hobey Ford performing “World Tales” at Rainbow Community School

World Tales SliderThis Saturday, the incredible Hobey Ford will be performing “World Tales” at the Rainbow Community Center Auditorium. Pre-sale tickets are $5 for children and $10 for adults ($7 & $12 the day of the show) Show starts at 4pm and is open to the public. Tickets can be purchased on our website or at our front desk.



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EVENT: RCS Open House February 17th, 2016



Rainbow Community School is having an open house event on Wednesday, February the 17th from 4pm to 6pm. This is a drop in event and both parents and kids are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to meet the teachers, learn more about specific grades, and get your questions answered.