Rainbow Community School Science & Design Fair

Design and Engineering

Design and engineering is a integral part of the Omega Experience. One very important way the Omega Middle School embraces design and engineering is through a long term design project that is presented at the Design Fair. The Design Fair is an opportunity for Omega design teams to work collaboratively, innovate, engineer and make real change through Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a different process than the Scientific Method. These projects equips children with motivation thinking and the tools to be aware problems in the world around them and take action towards a sustainable solution.

Teenagers are an often underutilized force of change in our communities. Yet, their capacity for empathy and creativity is tremendous. The Omegans use their empathy and creativity during the Design Fair to innovate for their community.

Some of the questions that Omegans ask themselves are: What can we do about homelessness in Asheville? How can we get drivers in our neighborhood to slow down? How can we make bike commuting safer and easier? How can I make visible the invisible effects of using electricity? How can we make the flow of traffic in our parking lot safer and less impactful on the environment? How can we enhance the Rainbow auditorium to be as multi-functional and beautiful as it can be? To sit with these questions is tough- they are readily asking themselves “What’s possible?”