Before and After School Programs

Rainbow's End Afterschool

Rainbow’s End: the place for kids to gather when the school day has ended.

Rainbow is so thrilled to be able to offer a robust after school program with Covid-19 safety protocols in place.

Our after school program has many different activities, clubs and hospitality league options for every student in K-8. We also have a robust preschool after school program, as well.

Down below you willl see the most current clubs, activities and sports we have running. These clubs and activities change each fall, winter, and spring.

Clubs and Sports – Fall Session 2021

Rainbow Warriors’ Flag Football (3-5, Omega)

Hip Hop Dance (3-5)

Rainbow Running Club (3-5, Omega)

Skate Club (K-2)

Slime Club (K-2)

Horseback Riding Club (3-5)

KidCycle Bike Club (K-2)

Ultimate Frisbee 

IMPROV Club (Omega)

Music Listening Club (Omega)