Volunteering at Rainbow

Volunteer opportunities at Rainbow may look and feel different due to our COVID-19 protocols and safety measures. Please contact West Willmore at west.willmore@rainbowlearning.org for more information. 


When you volunteer, the entire school benefits.

Your volunteerism sends a powerful message of your commitment to our community. Your time and talent help the school live its mission and enriches your child’s education.

Ways to volunteer

  • Help in the classroom
  • Attend campus work days
  • Offer to support faculty, staff, and/or parent council activities, events or performances
  • Join a committee
  • Volunteer your professional skills
  • Offer to head up a short-term project such as hosting a fundraising dinner party
  • We know that volunteering can be challenging for two-career families; you can offer to help with something outside of business hours.

How does volunteering benefit you?

  • Meet other parents and their families, learn from and with them
  • Enhance your personal and professional friendships
  • Get to know the school and how its mission is carried out; learn by doing


Track Your Hours

Contact our Development Director with any questions you may have.

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