I went out driving around on steep side roads this morning, and found that it looks worse than it is.  Since there is not a layer of ice below the snow, stopping and general control were okay.  Our parking lot was scraped Tuesday morning, and has some small to medium sized ice patches, which should be fine for cars if everyone drives carefully, but please be careful walking.  There is one icy patch on the deck to avoid (there is an obstruction placed there to remind you.) As always, if it is too unsafe for your family to get to school, use your own judgement and stay home. 

There is an expected .8 inch of accumulation today.  If that prediction is correct, the road conditions shouldn’t change too much during the day.  However, if it starts to snow heavier, please come and get your child at any time your feel it is necessary. 

With climate change, I’m a little worried that this weather could go on all winter, and so I think it’s worth trying to get used to winter driving.  Today is an experiment, so feel free to comment and let us know how it worked for you.  (FYI, I remove my weather facebook comments and all other comments after a day.)

If it is too hard for teachers to make it in, we’ll have to remain closed on days like today.  Remember, although it is optional for children, teachers have to try to make it, AND they have to arrive well before the children, so it’s hard on them.  If you’re glad there is school, thank your teacher today!

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