Heifer International's Alpaca Ranch uses sustainable methods to reduce hunger.

From June 18 – 26, Renee will be traveling with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, as one of ten chosen participants on their Educators of Excellence Ecuador Institute.  This will be a learning experience for everyone.  Just click on the link: http://ecuadorinstitute.wordpress.com to follow the team’s blog posts each day of the trip.  Through the blog, you can join Renee as she visits the Heifer International Alpaca Ranch, teaches at a rural school, and hikes Isla de la Plata.  The group will be learning about the natural history of the fabulous and fascinating wildlife of Ecuador.

The Museum’s vision is to educate teachers about the natural world, so they, in turn,  inspire their students to develop a love for the natural world too.  “We want our students to see themselves as part of the global web of life!”

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