About Rainbow Community School

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Holistic Education

Rainbow Community School is proud to offer a private, independent and alternative educational program for preschool through middle school-aged children that draws from the best in current educational thinking and holistic models of child development. We are recognized nationally as a leader in contemplative and mindfulness education.

Child-centered curriculum

Traditional educational models rely heavily on standardized testing and rote memorization, often dampening children’s natural love for learning. Our child-centered curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity through experiential thematic units of study. We use assessment rubrics and goal setting to encourage children to reflect on and take responsibility for shaping their own educational journey.

We invite you to explore our program further by reviewing our mission and vision statements, our historical summary, grade-specific program overviews, special program features, teacher biographies and testimonials.

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Educational Programs

Find out more about our curriculum and special programs.

Seven Domains

Rainbow Community School is a Seven Domains School. We teach using the natural, physical, social, emotional, creative, mental, and spiritual domains.

What Sets Us Apart

From a blended approach to teaching, to positive discipline and compassionate communication, we have unique elements that set our school apart.

Our educational curricula include small business projects, nature awareness, service learning and more. We are unique with our Seven Domains Model. In addition, bring in best practices from a variety of approaches to create our holistic model.

Omega Middle School

Omega Middle School is part of Rainbow Community School. It is a holistic, project-based middle school program.


Rainbow Community School strives for excellence not just in academics, but in multiple programs and areas.

Annual Reports

Take a look at our annual reports from recent school years.

Over the years, Rainbow has grown and added many programs. Our middle school Omega program has a rigorous curriculum. We have annual school-wide science and creative fairs. We also regularly update our stakeholders with annual reports.

Historical Summary

Rainbow Community School opened its doors in 1978, founded by three Sufi mystics. Read about our vibrant history that has allowed our educational approach to grow and evolve.

Mission and Vision

Read about our Mission and Vision, as well as our Guiding Principles.

Our Campus

Take a virtual tour of our school.

Our Pre-K through 3rd grade Division Head, Sandra McCassim shares some insights about what makes Rainbow unique.

Come Explore

The best way to experience Rainbow Community School is first-hand. We encourage you to make an appointment to tour our campus and discover the magic of learning.

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