Honey for the Heart, Finding Sweetness in the Hive

Description of Workshop:


How fast we move from flower to flower collecting the pollen of of trainings, curricula and workshops!  We fly from our packed schedules of teaching, trainings and meetings into the hives of our schools, hoping to find sweetness in the fruits of our collective labor, honey in the form of a thriving educational community for students and educators.

But if  more skills, techniques, documents and curricula were the answer to our challenges in education, we’d certainly have found the solution.  Instead, we have stressed out kids and stressed out teachers.  As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.”  

We invite you to more of somethings else, something that makes all the difference. 


Presence.     Space.      Community.

Join us in experiencing processes designed to connect children, youth, and educators in the safe exploration, deepening and expression of what matters most to their inner lives, to their community, and to their education and vocation.

Design to Connect processes are holistic and highly participatory. We offer ourselves time alone, inviting reflection, presence and mindful inquiry. In community we invite storytelling, reflection and small group shares. Our pace is graceful an allows for depth and authenticity as well as for play, movement and celebration.

We facilitate, you lead.   

Lucy MacGregor