Last Tuesday, Rainbow Mountain held it’s annual, school wide Science Fair. First through Eight graders focused on the scientific method while they explored various topics such as; which species of rabbit is the fastest, rebound rating of different balls (basketball, tennis ball and a ping pong ball) at different temperatures, can humans walk a straight line while blindfolded, what if they heard a voice guiding them?, and what is the best way to learn and retain information.

First grade worked in groups and constructed a small model of  the three main African biomes. They then planted peanuts (a major African crop) in each of the binomes. The children made predictions about which biome would best support the growth of a peanut and made a hypothesis. They also planted a control group of peanuts in plastic cups and recorded their procedures. They really loved the feeling of being real scientists!

Second grade set up different science stations to encourage as much curiosity about science as they could. They experimented with magnets, flashlights, bi-focal glasses, and taking apart an old telephone, toaster and a TV! This is the type of curiosity that led Benjamin Franklin to his many wonderful inventions.

The upper grades worked independently or with a partner on their science fair projects. In the classrooms they discussed data tables, display possibilities, bibliographies and provided inspiration for those that needed it. When all was done, in true Rainbow fashion, the students completed self-assessment rubrics.

On the big day, the entire school, including preschool, rotated from class to class and shared their projects with each other. Parents were invited to join. It was a festive day of science.

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