Gnome Village

The Gnome Village is being installed. Max, our incredible facilities manager, along with Asheville Playgrounds, have designed what may end up being the most creative and exciting play structure in Asheville. Last week they began installing the main posts which Max, along with wonderful parent helpers,  hand harvested. The post are locust wood– the strongest, longest-lasting wood available.  Hand railings will be made of local laurel — also hand harvested and strong.  The roofing will have cedar shingles.

Asheville Playgrounds has the best reputation in town for imaginative, safe structures.  They have been great to work with, and obviously really know what they are doing!  The basic structure is expected to be complete in the next 3 to 6 weeks, with some detail work remaining after that.

We are very excited to see our playground metamorphosing into the beautiful, creative, space we knew it could be.

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