West four weeks ago doing pull ups like it’s easy.

What do our teachers do in their free time? Well, West, our second & third grade super star teacher is getting stronger. West had always loved climbing rocks but for the last 20 plus weeks she has been training for a natural bodybuilding competition. She started the day after her 31st birthday. West says she’s just been lifting, doing cardio and eating clean.

“I am down to from 21 to 8-9% body fat.” West states. She will compete this Saturday in the Carolina Supernatural Bodybuilding and Figure Championships  in Spartanburg, SC.

How does training compare to teaching second and third graders? “This is one of the hardest and most disciplined things I have ever done! I’m looking forward to it being over.”  But West will be back teaching third grade next year and probably eating victory cake this Sunday. We’re proud of you, West!

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