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Rainbow’s mission statement ends by saying we are developing students who will be “leaders in building a more compassionate and environmentally sustainable world.”

Anyone enrolling their child at Rainbow must resonate with the urgency of this goal.  One would have to have blinders on to ignore the stream of evidence and quotes from leading scientists, sociologists and experts in almost every field who declare that sustainability is the most important vision for human survival.

From Tony Wagner, “The solution to our economic and social challenges is the same: creating a viable and sustainable economy that creates good jobs without polluting the planet.  And there is general agreement as to what that new economy must be based on.  One word: innovation.”

This is a three-part Heart of the Matter on preparing children to be innovators.  In the first part, we will explore how rapidly our world is changing and try to adjust our own thinking to the new paradigm of innovation.  In Part Two we will examine why innovation is important and how innovators are developed.  Finally, in Part Three we will unveil the barriers to innovation in our current traditional school system and society.  We will understand the methods Rainbow uses to encourage innovation, and how parents can support that effort at home.

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Innovation Generation Part II


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