personal interest project

In Omega, students are responsible for a Personal Interest Project or PIP.

A PIP involves research on a topic of the student’s choosing but also includes three main components: a written paper 5-7 pages in length, a PowerPoint presentation, and a Creative Portion along with a written paragraph about what the student created to accompany his or her project.  Written papers also needed to include bibliographies, citations and good writing. Students used a rubric to guide them as they worked.

Students created multiple edited drafts of their projects before completing their final drafts. To be sure, these projects were a great way to teach students about the process of writing, editing, presenting to peers, and using their creative abilities to finish this milestone project.

The following video is one presentation of a student’s PIP project:

Zoe completed her project on the concept of time. She researched the history of time itself, when humans began to use calendars, all the way until humans began to use exact time as an integral part of civilization. She included the different kinds of clocks various societies have used, including sun and water clocks.

Did you know that if you take a Cesium atom (the kind they use in atomic clocks) in the here and now, it has the exact same resonance as a Cesium atom one billion light years away, one billion years from now?

That is one spectacular fact that Zoe found when she did the research for this project. She also related what could be complex physics in a very straightforward way!

We are proud of each and every one of our Omega students – they have tackled a challenging task and performed remarkably!


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