“When I gave my first concert in Chartes, I felt that the cathedral almost kicked me out.  ‘Get out with you!’ she said.  For I was young and I tried to perform as I always did: by just playing my violin.  But then I realized that in Chartes you actually cannot play your small violin, but you have to play the macro violin.  The small violin is the instrument that is in your hands.  The macro-violin is the whole cathedral that surrounds you.  The cathedral of Chartes is built entirely according to musical principles.  Playing the macro violin requires you to listen and to play from another place, from the periphery.  You have to move your listening and playing from within to beyond yourself.”  ~from violinist, Miha Pogacnik.

Our quest at Rainbow is so far beyond teaching children how to “play their little violins,” that we operate in another galaxy than most schools: We want them to vibrate from beyond (to use Pogacnik’s word).  We want every child to sing their heart out!

Rainbow graduates are known to be brilliant.  Brilliance is something more than smart or well-educated.   Brilliance is indescribable light – so bright it fills us with inspiration.  Brilliance captures something that is beyond us and vibrates within us. So what is the formula for teaching brilliance?

The arts are one of the most important means of helping children tap into spirit, or the powers beyond and within us. The arts help teach children how to play their macro violin. When one is truly creating, something takes over that is beyond articulation.  When a group of people create together… a force even larger exists.  Finally, when that creation is shared with an audience– if the magic happens– everyone is united in something that no one can describe.   Welcome to the first IMAGINE performance in our own auditorium – our own humble version of Chartes Cathedral.  Sit back, enjoy, and help us play the macro violin together today.  Our quest is a journey into the beyond.


*Quote from Theory U, by C. Otto Sharmer.

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