Applying Qi (Energy) According to Chinese Medicine to Enhance Well-Being Within Self and with Others

Description of Workshop:

In these chaotic times, with so many big issues within our society coming to light, those working to create peace, equity and understanding within our schools have especially important roles to play. And, it is vital that they carry a variety of techniques in their self-care tool belts so that they can continue to show up fully for this work.

In this workshop, you will learn a few simple yet powerful techniques to stay centered. You will have an opportunity to experience Qi (life force) and learn that emotions and mental states can affect the flow of Qi within you and within the environment. You will gain a basic understanding of the energy pathways of our bodies and how to manipulate Qi through a tapping exercise and acupressure points to harmonize and allow for its natural flow. Some of the acupressure points can enhance focus, help distress, and provide an overall positive feeling and centeredness.

Shu Shen Huang

Su-Shen Huang has a BA in psychology, an MA in Guidance and Counseling for Higher Education, and a diploma in Acupuncture, along with numerous certificates in energy work and healing.

She was born in Taiwan, and has lived in India, Singapore and Seoul, South Korea, and through her many world travels has become adept at bridging cultures and at intercultural communication.

She currently has a practice in her home office and teaches at OLLI (UNCA campus) and offers other workshops. You can reach her at or 847-866-6751.