Breath, the Key to Mindfulness

Description of Workshop:

How we breathe determines our level of relaxation and focus. The quickest way to restore ourselves from upset and stress into calm presence is through slower, conscious breathing, moving from the fight or flight response back to balance.

In this workshop, we’ll explore belly breathing as a means of full body relaxation; breathing during movement; and “heart breathing” as a gateway to coherence. Coherence is the synchronizing of heart and brain. Heart breathing not only balances the nervous system, it also can connect us to others or to nature, and enables intuitive insight.

We will do a breath meditation gatha from Thich Nhat Hanh. Children who learn to self-regulate through conscious breathing will have a valuable lifetime skill.

Intended audience: Educators, administrators, parents, and school counselors

Cathy Holt

Cathy Holt, M.P.H., is a certified HeartMath® coach and a teacher and coach in the Connection Practice®. She brings many years of mind-body practice as a biofeedback therapist and teacher of communication and stress management.

Website: HeartSpeak with Cathy Holt

FB: @heartspeakpeace