Decolonizing Education: Indigenous wisdom for heart based learning

Description of Workshop:

This session will offer participants the chance to ground out, connect to the land, and receive a group healing from a gifted shaman/healer before engaging in discourse about the often forgotten impacts of colonization on our society, institutions and child rearing. In determining how to navigate the present day realities of modern life and live in a way that embodies and models the new paradigm for our children, it is imperative to remember the original peoples of this land and their sacred ways of being in harmony with the web of creation. We must honor the past to move forward into a beautiful future.

We will open with a traditional sage blessing, greeting the directions, and calling in the ancestors. Jean Paul will then connect to those present, clear and align their hearts, and help them remember their sacred purpose for being here. He will then speak from the heart about the old ways and how this relates to children. Teresa will then speak for the second of our lecture more in depth on the topic of colonization and how to specifically decolonize our approach to education while encouraging the spiritual gifts in children.


Jean Paul Baptiste & Teresa Stickney

Jean Paul Baptiste is a Cree shaman, a gifted psychic and a dream walker who uses his heart to transcend time and see between the worlds. Clairvoyant since a child, Jean Paul comes from a lineage of shamans and story tellers. His strong connection to the spirit realm, his heart and the earth helped him survive a tumultuous childhood on the reservation, which gave him a deep understanding of the suffering on the planet and a mission to help as many people as possible to wake up and heal from the pain of colonization. In his healing practice and events, he helps people remove blocks and scars from the heart and mind so they can access their psychic vision, remember who they are, and resolve personal, relationship, past life and lineage conflicts. Above all, Jean Paul is here to help people open their hearts. The heart can do anything!

Teresa Stickney is a yoga teacher, interfaith minister, writer, performing artist and youth mentor. Originally from Asheville, she founded and directed an all female performing arts company which produced events to raise money for various women’s rights initiatives. She has also volunteered in Juvenile Detention centers and public middle schools. With a diverse background in alchemy, Gnostic Christian, Native American and Tibetan wisdom traditions, she is able to and help people break ancestral cycles and heal their inner child in her spiritual counseling practice. Having worked as a volunteer interpreter for Latin American refugees, She has a passion for immigrant rights, environmental and indigenous people’s movements, and would rather be smashing patriarchy.