Journey to Joy: Helping Children Discover their Spiritual Gifts

Description of Workshop:

Do you want to truly honor your child (or the children you steward) as a spirit, a soul AND you do want to support them as they reach their human potential.  This workshop will provide you with insights that demystify and eliminate children’s self-sabotaging behaviors in the classroom or at home. You will receive cutting-edge information, ideas and tools that help children unlock and apply their spiritual gifts so that they can make wise, loving decisions and experience greater confidence, peace and happiness in life.

Intended Audience:  Teachers, Parents, Educators, Health Professionals, Administrators

Ellen Hayakawa

Ellen Hayakawa is an internationally renowned inspirational keynote speaker, author of The Inspired Organization: Spirituality and Energy at Work and coauthor of Amazon bestseller Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change your Life and Your Planet.   For two decades, Ellen has been a pioneer and expert in helping children express their spirituality and live happier lives. Her online program, “Journey to Joy: Discovering your Children’s Spiritual Gifts“,  has received rave reviews from parents, grandparents, teachers and health professionals including doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors. She trains and coaches them to support the children whom they steward to make confident, wise, loving decisions and create lives of joy, happiness and peace by using their spiritual gifts. Ellen was a pioneer in spreading the message of expressing spirituality at work to millions via keynote speaking on platforms of other visionaries such as Deepak Chopra and through the media.    Ellen also trains and coaches adult clients who are struggling to fully express their gifts and talents to create their passionate divinely inspired work that fills their hearts and souls with joy and excitement. Ellen’s mission is global peace. She believes that supporting adults and children to use their spiritual gifts in decision-making in daily life creates greater inner peace that will ultimately bring about global peace. Website: Facebook: Twitter:@EllenHayakawa