Leadership, Governance & Organizational Health through a Spiritual Prism

Description of Workshop:

We will explore various basic organizational issues through presentation, discussion and exercises that challenge all schools but spiritually-based schools, in particular. The specific topics I would like to take up include the following:

  • The organizational challenges of spiritually-based schools
  • The role of leader(s) in such schools: challenges & opportunities
  • Decision-making processes and practices: the art of genuine consensus
  • Faculty meetings as the (healthy) heart of a school
  • Understandings and practices for creating and sustaining healthy, pragmatic spiritual community
  • Exercises for strengthening enhanced interest in one another others & objectivity toward self.

Intended audience: Educators & administrators.

Andrew Leaf

Andrew Leaf has had extensive experience in education, both in instructional and administrative roles, and remains actively engaged in educational reform.  He has taught high school English for sixteen years in four independent schools. This includes eleven years in a Waldorf school, where he served, successively, as English teacher, department head, high school Principal, and Faculty Chairman. In recent years, he has consulted on leadership and organizational issues in a number of independent schools offering spiritually based education.

Additionally, Andy has had extensive experience in a range of training and management consulting disciplines for business and non-profit organizations.  Prior to founding his own consultancy, Leaf & Associates, he was for seven years Vice President of the Organizational Communications Division of Burson-Marsteller, an international communications firm, and for five years a Senior Consultant for Business Design Associates, an international management consulting firm.

In these positions, he was responsible for the design and implementation of extensive organizational change projects involving executive coaching, management and employee training, process redesign and organizational reconfiguration initiatives, and facilitation of broad-based employee involvement activities.  As Vice President for Development at Thomas Blodgett Associates, Andy was responsible for design, development, and delivery of sales, sales management, negotiating skills and related training programs.