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About: Why More than Mindfulness? 

Rainbow Institute is an arm of RCS that seeks to inspire a holistic education movement through transformative learning experiences, resources and research. The work of RI is inspired by the holistic educational model known as the Rainbow Seven Domains approach. This approach values healthy development in all the domains and considers the spiritual domain the elixir that breathes life into the other developmental domains. RI strives to help individuals, educators and institutions nurture the identities of all community members by inviting the SACRED into the school experience. Click here to read about some of these methods.

School based mindfulness programs are becoming increasingly more widespread in private and public schools throughout our country.  Research suggests that these programs bolster mental health and well being and have the capacity to improve academic achievement.

More than Mindfulness (MTM) workshops highlight ways of integrating mindful practices into your school and/or family culture but will emphasize MORE than mindfulness by expanding these practices to include a wide variety of heart centered, social, emotional, and contemplative methods. The workshops will offer many transferable lessons and resources to aid in establishing a transformative learning culture.

Upcoming and Recent Learning Events in 2022-2023

Digital Wellness – April 2023

Digital Wellness

Talking to Kids About Gender – March 2023

talking to kids about gender

A Conversation for Healing – January 2023

Conversation for Healing

Talking to Kids About Race – November 2022

Talking to Kids about Race (1080 × 1080 px)

I am really excited to grow as a community with mindfulness in education. I loved meeting other people who have similar interests and passions. It was great to make new connections.

-Samata Amy DeCori, K-8 Educator

On October 12, 2016, Rainbow Community School piloted its very first holistic education conference. The MTM Conference sold out! Thank you to Mountain Express and Asheville Citizen Times for your reporting on this transformative learning experience.

Education as a Sacred Art

Rainbow Community School Hosts Conference

Graphic Facilitation of 2017 More Then Mindfulness Conference

Opening & Keynote

Attendee Comments

I will be bringing our entire staff next time! Thank you so much!!!

Deborah DeLisle


Thank you and blessings to you all!

Katie McDaniel


Seeing centering in action, rather than simply discussing what centering is, was really helpful for me. Engaging in the actual classroom gave me a chance to see, firsthand, how mindfulness can be integrated into the classroom (and can correlate with content!).

Summer Drum


Thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful school!

Kim Allison

K-12 Special Educator

Thank you for offering this opportunity!

Susan Stigall

University Professor

Thank you! Please let me know if there is any way I can partner with Rainbow to be a contributing member to your worthy mission. I’ll be in touch!l!

Sarah Shoemaker

Mindfulness educator, administrator, MS/HS teacher, parent

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