Parenting: An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Description of Workshop:

Bodyfulness is the union of heart, mind, and body. It allows us to be present with our children in a playful and loving manner.

In this workshop we will explore the integrated experience of bodyfulness which opens us to attunement and mutual respect. Experience and share the joys which make parenting an opportunity of a lifetime. This workshop will also explore the themes that show up in one of the many chapters in their new book: The Parental Toolbox.

A home in which power struggles are rare is a happier and more intimate home in which all members feel supported, appreciated and validated. It is a safe and mutually respectful environment where people can grow and in which healthy relationships are modeled and able to be replicated in your child’s future friendships and personal and professional relationships.

Intended Audience: Parents, Educators

Dayna Guido

Dayna Guido is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, consultant, educator, and trainer. She is the co-author of The Parental Tool Box. Dayna has savored the privilege to have had thousands of people share their challenges and triumphs with her for over 40 years. Her love of life is expressed  in designing and caring for organic gardens; bookmaking; quilting; mixed media art; and art journaling. Her book, Creative Ways to Learn Ethics: An Experiential Training Manual for Helping Professionals, is scheduled to be released by Routledge Publishers soon.

 You can find Dayna and Jim at the following websites:

The Parental Toolbox
Dayna Guido


Jim Guido

Jim Guido is a consultant, trainer, writer, educator, and musician. He is the co-author of The Parental Tool Box. Among his other completed works are Exploring Intimacy and Cellular Joy. His 27 albums have made his dream of 24 hours of recorded original music an attainable goal. Jim became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation at the age of 17 and has been practicing for 46 years.

Jim and Dayna Guido have been working and playing together for nearly 4 decades. The joy of writing The Parental Tool Box together has been magnified by their 33 year old son, Lucio, designing the book and websites. As the workshop is titled, Parenting is an Opportunity of a Lifetime.