The Power of Presence: Expanding Interpersonal Mindfulness Through Restorative Circles

Description of Workshop:

One of the most powerful gifts we can give another human is our complete presence. Relationships are transformed dramatically when we are able to offer full, mindful, presence. But it is deceptively difficult! It requires we let go of our desire to fix, help, or change others and remain focused on the present moment between us. Drawing from 25 years of circle keeping and mindfulness experience and study, Annie will offer insights, instruction, and practice regarding the interdependent relationship between circle work and mindfulness. Through the workshop, participants will learn about and cultivate the skills of holding space and being present through the use of the circle process.

Annie O'Shaughnessy

Annie O’Shaughnessy began sharing circle practices in the early 90s by leading retreats around the country and with loved ones. It was during these extended circle experiences that she developed a deep, experiential understanding of how mindful presence expanded and strengthened during circles, working to create the conditions for authenticity, healing, and restoration. After taking a break from teaching, she came back to discover that this mindful presence she had developed through circles was a powerful ally when working with challenging teams. Soon, she began practicing circles with them.

At 50 years old she received her Masters in Mindfulness for Educators. When colleagues asked her to share what she was doing in her classroom that made students want to be there, she agreed. This led to workshops, seminars and a graduate course for teachers on the transformative power of mindfulness informed restorative practices. A deep love for teachers and students and faith in the inherent goodness of our true nature drives my work. Annie currently consults as the president of True Nature Teaching in Vermont.

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