Meet our Staff

Educators for the emerging world

Renee Owen

Executive Director

Sandra McCassim

Director of Operations

Sheila Mraz

Director of Admissions

West Willmore

Curriculum Director and Marketing Coordinator

Margaret Gerleve

Business Manager

Kate Chassner

Office Manager

Jessy Tickle

Administrative Assistant & Media Specialist

Sara Stender

Development Coordinator

Max Mraz

Facilities Manager

Danaè Aicher

Director of Equity

Angela Moore

In House Creative and Theater Teacher

Michael Valentino

Media and Tech Specialist

Lucy MacGregor

Preschool Lead Teacher

Bryan Gillette

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Amanda Campisi

Preschool Lead Teacher

Phoebe Starck

Preschool Assistant

Josie Hoban

Preschool Lead After School Teacher

Paris Sigler

Preschool After School Teacher

Jessica Redford

Kindergarten Teacher

Doreen Dvorscak

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Rachel Hagen

First Grade Teacher

Itiyopiya Ewart

First Grade Assistant Teacher

Eddy Webb

Second Grade Teacher

Valerie Foote

Second Grade Assistant Teacher

Melissa Scott

Third Grade Teacher

Danny Peters

Third Grade Assistant Teacher

Susie Fahrer

Fourth Grade Teacher

Katie Wilson

Fourth Grade Assistant Teacher

Dave Leflar

Fifth Grade Teacher

Jennifer Armocida

6th Grade Teacher

Gabriela Pantigoso-Zintz

Spanish Teacher (Pre-3rd Grade)

Lisa Saraceno

Spanish Teacher (4th-8th Grade)

Justin Pilla

Creative Coordinator and Sixth Grade Assistant Teacher

Susan Waddell

7/8 Language Arts and Math teacher

Jason Pilla Cannoncro

7/8 Science and History Teacher

Sue Ford

Music Teacher

Niki Gilbert

Omega Science and Math Teacher

Mark Strazzer

Director of Athletics

Ali Banchiere

Student Support Coordinator

Mark Hanf

7/8 Math Teacher

Tracy Hildebrand

Art Teacher

Jill Cox

Student Support Specialist

Will Ray

Director of Counseling

Viviana Saraceno

Student Support

Denisa Rullmoss

After School Coordinator

Makasi Siriwayo

After School Teacher

Brittany Wagner

Student Support Intern

Lydia Rose

Student Support Intern

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