Justin Pilla – Creative Coordinator and 7th/8th Assistant Teacher

Justin has been working in service of children since 1994. In 2010 Justin’s brother, Jason, Omega’s History and Math Teacher, informed him that a position was open for an assistant teacher at Rainbow. Justin was fortunate to receive the position and so he moved from the mountains of Northern Arizona to the mountains of Asheville later in the year.

In his time at Rainbow, Justin has been able to synchronize many of his passions and philosophies with those of Rainbow’s and he finds that being a part of a holistic school is truly an inspiring opportunity. The Seven Domains™ as a core educational principle is particularly resonant with Justin’s belief that we are each multi-faceted beings and learners.

As Creative Coordinator, Justin has been able to incorporate his artistic skills in various venues, most notably as facilitator for Imagine, the immersive arts experience at Rainbow. This has allowed him to merge his passions for the arts and his joy for working with children.


Having received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University (focusing on video, music, storytelling & comparative religion), it was not Justin’s ambition to have a career working with youth. And yet, fate seemed to have other plans…

For the first part of Justin’s career, he worked in various capacities with at-risk youth and special needs children. This period of time was invaluable, as it taught Justin some of the fundamental skills in child mentoring: compassionate communication, authentic validation of a child’s worth, healthy boundaries & that each child has an innate spark that craves inspiration.


When he is not expounding academic concepts or expanding the minds of youth, Justin enjoys conjuring music, sojourning in nature, designing board & card games & myth making.

You can reach him at: Justin.Pilla@RainbowLearning.org