Maggie Boyle – After School Teacher

To be a staff member at Rainbow, means to sit with the remarkable and refreshing feeling that kids are allowed to be their true selves – that their unique voices, their multitudes of feelings, and their artistic styles of being in the world are heard, felt, seen and safe. It is a space where differences are appreciated, learning can be enjoyable, and educators genuinely care about their students, co-workers and their own self-care.

As an after-school teacher, the unique opportunity presents itself to find structure in free-play, to witness all grades interacting together as one giant unit, as older kids help the younger problem-solve, or younger kids help the older see things in a new light. I love how students in after school are empowered to explore new dynamics and lead seasonal clubs.

We are the lower-field referees, the snack preparers, the gymnastics spotters, the argument mediators, the scraped-knee soothers, the club bus drivers, the spontaneous art projects made possible by trips to the recycling bin, facilitators. I’m grateful to love so many kids at once, in so many different developmental stages.


Maggie earned her BS in Psychology at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and went on to earn her MA in Art Therapy and Counseling at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM. The education she received at Southwestern can be directly linked to the style of Rainbow- experiential, wholistic, hands-on, individualized learning.


Maggie finds most peace and purpose in her time outside of Rainbow by reading books and writing poetry, witnessing the therapeutic magic of art-making, and watching her twin dogs explore the world. She is the creative assistant to a nonprofit art initiative called I Am Home Art Project: geared to empower artists who are homeless or at risk. She loves being a part of the AVL soccer community and observing the simple beauties of humanness.